Original Picasso Exhibition Poster Berlin 1978, Barcelona Harlequin, Large!

Original Picasso Exhibition Poster Berlin 1978, Barcelona Harlequin, Large!


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An original poster for a Berlin art exhibition 1978, featuring Pablo Picasso’s 1917 painting of the Barcelona Harlequin.

Picasso originally painted his Barcelona Harlequin in 1917, at the age of thirty-six, close to the time period when he was transitioning to the neo-classical style of his later years. In this painting, the harlequin stands, resting his arm on a balcony railing.

There are hints of Cubism in the picture – the right arm is not fully foreshortened and appears somewhat unnatural in its presentation. In addition, while the subject has neat, regular facial features, his right eye appears to lack a natural symmetry with the left; it appears to have been placed from a different perspective, as is in keeping with the Cubism style. The Barcelona Harlequin appears to be lost in his thoughts, his countenance suggesting possible sadness or uncertainty. Harlequins were, in fact, a favourite subject of Picasso to paint throughout his career. This particular harlequin stands alone, perhaps waiting for his cue to perform. Picasso used soft hues for his suit, which looks to be made of a slightly reflective, silken material.

The rich redness of the curtain adds a vibrancy that serves to alleviate some of the uncertainty transmitted when studying the painting; perhaps the harlequin is suffering stage fright. If a painting can be considered indicative of a painter’s state of mind, the Barcelona Harlequin may be among one of Picasso’s more balanced works, where elements of every one of his periods, styles and considerations make an appearance. It is a transitory style created by a mind that viewed existence from as many perspectives as he could possibly perceive

It is a very large size of 120cm x 84cm . An unrestored poster, it has bright color and a clean overall appearance. There are  general signs of use / handling, such as light edge wear, soft creases, pin holes, small tears, please see photos. Nothing that would detract from its beauty once framed!

This poster came from the studio of British Artist Peter Snow (1927-2008), the famous post-war Contemporary Painter.

It is a rare poster and extremely difficult to get hold of now, even re-prints! Will be dispatched rolled.

A great Collector’s piece and wall-filler!

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