Japanese Samurais short sword

Japanese Samurais short sword



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The wakizashi has a blade between 30 and 60 cm (12 and 24 in) in length.[1] Wakizashi close to the length of a katana are called o-wakizashi and wakizashi closer to tanto length are called ko-wakizashi.[1] Wakizashi are not necessarily just a smaller version of the katana; they could be forged differently and have a different cross section This one is total length of 68 cm width across 6 cm depth 7 cm as mid 18th century the sword has been used so has some blemishes, offering free delivery UK reference BBB We accept online payments for all our items listed: Bank transfer cash on collection personal cheques or if wishing over the phone using your debit or credit cards, also doing layby payments plan, or email giving your  address details & contact number and we shall send you your items invoice to make payment with your card. Send  your request to –    john.strong2@gmail.com

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