SOLD: A rare and beautiful Ottoman Tombak Helmet around 400 years old

SOLD: A rare and beautiful Ottoman Tombak Helmet around 400 years old

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SOLD: A rare and beautiful Ottoman Tombak Helmet around 400 years old

Rare type without lobes/pleats/ribs (see description for details)

This helmet is made of copper alloy with zinc and brass which would result in a gold colour (tombak) on the surface of the metal when it was first made.

This type of helmet was used during the period 1500-1700 in various styles and shapes.

Generally referred to as a “turban helmet” as they resembled the Ottoman turbans worn at that time and because they were also worn with turbans.

They are also of approximately the same dimensions, usually between 25cm in height and 22cm in diameter. The one we are offering here measures:

Height 24cm x 22cm inner diameter

Most of this type of helmet have lobes/pleats/ribs that run vertically top to bottom such as the example that sold for 40,000 Euros at the 2007 Sotheby’s sale (please contact us for full details).

Please also note that the above Sotheby’s example is 24cm in height, just the same as ours and also 21cm diameter, ours is 23cm diameter.

This helmet has lost the surface colour which is acceptable for such an old piece.

However, even in this condition these helmets are highly desirable.

An example that also lost all it’s surface colour sold for 5,000 Euros in 2012 at Bonhams.

If the surface was in better condition then the price would be closer to 10,000 Euros such as one that sold at Sotheby’s in 2006.

The 2006 Sotheby’s example had a very interesting catalogue note which read:

Plain helmets in tombak are RARE” (our emphasis)

This means that most tombak helmets have lobes/pleats/ribs that run vertically on them.

This one that we are offering does not have any ribs/pleats making it of the rare type.

There is an example in the Metropolitan Museum (New York) which is of the common type with lobes/pleats/ribs but is very similar in height and diameter to ours.

This amazing work of art appears to have seen some action as there are two minor depressions where something has hit the surface hard enough to leave a mark.

Please note that there is some surface patination with verdigris as shown.

This can be carefully cleaned and restored by a professional.

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